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Russia Intercepts Fourth Foreign Plane in One Day Close to Its Borders - Military

Urdu Point 11 May 2021
... over the Barents Sea, which was moving towards the Russian border, the Northern Fleet said ... According to the Northern Fleet, an air target heading to the Russian border was spotted over the Barents Sea.

WATCH: Russia intercepts French jets over Black Sea as country detects four foreign military aircraft ...

Russia Today 11 May 2021
The Black Sea is a strategically important body of water, and borders Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine, as well as Russia ... Shortly afterwards, over the Barents Sea in Russia's far north, the Air Force was again called into action, when a Norwegian Orion patrol plane was seen heading towards the country.

Russia Intercepts Fourth Foreign Plane in One Day Close to Its Borders

Sputnik 11 May 2021
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia's MiG-31 fighter intercepted on Tuesday an Orion patrol aircraft of the Norwegian air force over the Barents Sea, which was moving towards the Russian border, the Northern Fleet said ... .

7 most NORTHERN beaches in Russia (PHOTOS)

Russia Beyond 10 May 2021
Sandy braids of the White Sea ... Even during the hottest summers, the temperature of the water in the White Sea does not exceed 15-17°C (59-62°F), but neither that, nor the view of the nearby factories, stops those willing to go for a swim. The sea, however, is very pleasant and calm there ... The Barents Sea is the warmest of all Arctic seas.

Arctic Biodiversity at Risk as World Overshoots Climate Planetary Boundary

WhoWhatWhy 10 May 2021
In turn, multiyear sea ice is thinning and shrinking, upsetting the system’s natural equilibrium ... Arctic sea ice breakup ... The peripheral Barents Sea, north of Norway, is one of the better-studied Arctic marine regions where this species shift is occurring ... “There’s now more space for it to occupy in the Barents Sea and there’s more food.

Who is Vitaly Orlov?

Yahoo Daily News 09 May 2021
I grew up in Murmansk, looking out to the Barents Sea ... Cod, haddock, pollack – these are some of the treasures of the seas and an essential part of the planet’s food security. To continue enjoying these riches for years to come, we need to preserve marine ecosystems including sometimes fragile sea beds.”Story continues.

The increasingly accessible Arctic is becoming another arena for US-China military jockeying

Business Insider 06 May 2021
"China in the South China Sea continues to make territorial claims that are not recognised by the international community ... The two have also held joint military exercises in the Barents and North seas and eastern Siberia, and Moscow has stepped up sales of fighter jets, missile systems and an early warning anti-missile system to China.

‘Putin’s biggest fear is people rallying in the streets’

Al Jazeera 04 May 2021
In recent months, Violetta Grudina has been assaulted, fined and her apartment windows have been shot at from what appears to be a pump rifle ... The “calm city” is Grudina’s Arctic hometown of Murmansk, a Barents Sea port near Norway, and the “non-humans” are her fellow activists who support jailed opposition leader Alexey Navalny ... .

End of an era: Indonesian submarine tragedy

Deccan Herald 03 May 2021
The submarine KRI Nanggala 402 disappeared after it requested permission to dive during a live torpedo firing drill ... In August 2000, the Russian nuclear-powered submarine K-141 Kursk vanished in the Barents Sea ... Though ISMERLO is a NATO organisation, it supports all submarine operating nations with a humanitarian objective to save lives at sea ... ....

Michael B. Jordan outguns script in ‘Without Remorse’

Boston Herald 30 Apr 2021
MOVIE REVIEW. “TOM CLANCY’S WITHOUT REMORSE”. Rated R. On Amazon Prime. Grade. B-. Michael B ... Day of the Soldado”) ... Jamie Bell and Michael B ... of ... Commander Karen Greer (a no-nonsense Jodie Turner-Smith), and they are over the Barents Sea in a passenger plane on their way to Murmansk, Russia, to retrieve the assassin, who escaped Kelly’s home ... ....

'Without Remorse' filled me with remorse

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 30 Apr 2021
Political espionage films aren't typically "turn your brain off" fun as are most action thrillers these days. (I watched "Mortal Kombat" in a theater last weekend. That was "turn your brain off" fun.) ... "Tom Clancy's Without Remorse" will not be one of those movies ... "I'm sorry, Mr ... And the third is where Kelly's plane gets shot down into the Barents Sea.

Methane release rapidly increases in the wake of the melting ice sheets

Phys Dot Org 29 Apr 2021
Ice ages are not that easy to define. It may sound intuitive that an ice age represents a frozen planet, but the truth is often more nuanced than that ... Several studies also show that the most recent deglaciation, Holocene (approximately 21ka-15ka ago) of the Barents Sea has had a huge impact on the release of methane into the water ... says Dessandier.

Russia says it Black Sea fleet monitoring US warship in area

Press TV 28 Apr 2021
Chief of the Russian military's General Staff Valery Gerasimov emphasized in December 2020 that the activities of NATO warships in the Black, Baltic, and Barents Seas had reached new heights and that so far this year, three US destroyers and one cruiser have sailed in the Black Sea.

Norway Oil and Gas Upstream Market Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts Report 2021-2026 -

Enid News & Eagle 27 Apr 2021
However, in January 2021, about 30 companies have received offers of ownership interests in a total of 61 production licenses (34 are in the North Sea, 24 are in the Norwegian Sea and 3 are in the Barents Sea) on the Norwegian Shelf in the Awards in Predefined Areas (APA) 2020 ... in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, and the Barents Sea respectively.

Arctic Exploitation Market Report-Growth, Insights, Emerging Trends, Industry Analysis, Size to 2026

The Sentinel Newspaper 27 Apr 2021
Request for FREE PDF Sample Report @. The Arctic region is largely under-explored, owing to its cold, harsh climatic conditions, frozen seas, and lack of investment in infrastructure development ... Scope of this Report- ... Single User License ... Northern Sea Route forms the centerpiece of Russia’s Arctic strategy ... Encouragement for E&P in the Barents Sea.